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  • Petfood Industry eLearning

    Online training and continuing education for the petfood industry

     eLearning_logoPetfood Industry eLearning offers interactive companion animal nutrition courses and on-demand conference sessions for the petfood industry. This educational resource is ideal for:

    >> Petfood professionals involved with product formulation, development, marketing, distribution and retail
    >> Companion animal veterinarians and veterinary technicians
    >> Dog trainers, behavior consultants and companion animal behaviorists


    Developed by Petfood Industry magazine and Petfood Forum, the industry's leading educational event, Petfood Industry eLearning provides convenient and flexible 24-hour online access to course materials and other resources.

    Click here to browse the complete catalog of current sessions.

    Featured Session:
     Nutrition for Adult Animals – Maintenance and Reproduction 

    This five-module online course provides complete information about nutrition for adult, non-reproducing dogs and cats, and also covers nutrient needs and feeding management during breeding, gestation and lactation. This course is ideal for pet professionals in the following fields:

    • Petfood professionals involved with product formulation, development, marketing, distribution, and retail
    • Small animal veterinarians and veterinary technicians
    • Dog trainers, behavior consultants, and companion animal behaviorists 

    Log on to www.petfoodindustryelearning.com to learn more, sign up and gain immediate access to this course.

    About the Course Developer
    Course developer Linda P. Case, M.S., is a recognized expert in the fields of canine and feline nutrition, behavior and training, and companion animal health care. She operates AutumnGold Dog Training Center and is the author of four books, as well as numerous scientific papers and pet owner educational materials.

    Case has also served as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and lecturer and program coordinator at the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences.

    Work with Us

    We are continuously seeking industry experts in the following fields to work with our team in developing new adult learning courses:

    >> Nutrition and Ingredients
    >> Safety and Regulatory
    >> New Product Development
    >> Marketing
    >> Processing and Packaging

    If you are interested in contributing your teaching talents, educational presentations or other learning resources for Petfood Industry eLearning, please contact Christina Kamer, Ed.D. at +1.815.966.5532.

  • Event Solutions: WATT eLearning





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